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galapi::AtomicList Class Reference

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Detailed Description

An AtomicList incapsulates a list of Atomic values.

Definition at line 27 of file AtomicList.java.

Public Member Functions

void finalize () throws Throwable
boolean isEmpty ()
Item ItemsFirst () throws GalapiException
ItemList ItemsNext () throws GalapiException
String toString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static ItemList cons (Item i, ItemList cdr) throws GalapiException

Protected Member Functions

 AtomicList (int il) throws GalapiException
int getNativeItemList ()
void setItemList (int il)

Static Protected Member Functions

static native int nativeCons (int i, int il)
static native int nativeEmptyList ()
static native void nativeFreeItemList (int il)
static native boolean nativeIsEmpty (int il)
static native int nativeItemsFirst (int il)
static native int nativeItemsNext (int il)
static native String nativeSerialize (int il)

Protected Attributes

int ilist

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