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galapi::Document Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for galapi::Document:

galapi::Node galapi::Item

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Detailed Description

A document element in the XQeury data model.

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Definition at line 27 of file Document.java.

Public Member Functions

AttributeList attributes () throws GalapiException
AtomicList baseURI () throws GalapiException
NodeList children () throws GalapiException
 Document (String uri, ItemList nds) throws GalapiException
void finalize () throws Throwable
Atomic getAtomic ()
Attribute getAttribute ()
Element getElement ()
Node getNode ()
String itemKind ()
String nodeKind () throws GalapiException
AtomicList nodeName () throws GalapiException
NodeList parent () throws GalapiException
String toString ()
AtomicList typedValue () throws GalapiException

Protected Member Functions

 Document (int native_item)
int getNativeItem ()
void setItem (int i)

Static Protected Member Functions

static native int documentToItem (String uri, int nodes)
static native int nativeAttributes (int n)
static native int nativeBaseURI (int n)
static native int nativeChildren (int n)
static native void nativeFree (int i)
static native String nativeItemKind (int i)
static native String nativeNodeKind (int n)
static native int nativeNodeName (int n)
static native int nativeParent (int n)
static native String nativeStringValue (int i)
static native int nativeTypedValue (int n)

Protected Attributes

int item

Private Attributes

ItemList nodes

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