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static CompiledModule galapi::Galax::importMainModule ( CompiledProgram  compiled_prolog,
boolean  has_ext_ctxt_item,
int  input_source_kind,
String  input 
) throws GalapiException [inline, static]

Used to import a main module defined in a file.

has_ext_ctxt_item True, if the main module expects the context item to be provided by the external environment.
input_source_kind Specifies whether main module is in file, string buffer or HTTP URL.
the CompiledModule argument contains a compiled prolog and an ItemList containing statements to evaluate.
See also:

Definition at line 232 of file Galax.java.


      //    int i = -1;

      int i = nativeImportMainModule (compiled_prolog.getNativeItem(), has_ext_ctxt_item, input_source_kind, input);

      return new CompiledModule (i);

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