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galapi::PreparedProgram Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for galapi::PreparedProgram:

galapi::CompiledProgram galapi::Context

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Detailed Description

A PreparedProgram is a CompiledProgram takes an external context defined by the application (e.g., the values of the context item and any global variables) and returns a prolog in which all global variables have been evaluated.

Definition at line 26 of file PreparedProgram.java.

Public Member Functions

NamespaceEnv nsenvFromCompiledProgram ()
NamespaceEnv nsenvFromPreparedProgram ()

Protected Member Functions

void finalize () throws Throwable
int getNativeItem ()
 PreparedProgram (int native_item)
void setItem (int i)

Static Protected Member Functions

static native void nativeFree (int i)
static native int nativeNsenvFromCompiledProgram (int compiled_prolog)
static native int nativeNsenvFromPreparedProgram (int prepared_prolog)

Protected Attributes

int item

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