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galapi::ProcessingContext Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A ProcessingContext contains flags for controlling debugging, printing, and the processing phases

Definition at line 28 of file ProcessingContext.java.

Public Member Functions

ItemList monitorOfAllCalls () throws GalapiException
ItemList monitorOfLastCall () throws GalapiException
void setEvaluationPhase (boolean e) throws GalapiException
void setMonitorMem (boolean b) throws GalapiException
void setMonitorTime (boolean b) throws GalapiException
void setNormalizationPhase (boolean n) throws GalapiException
void setProjectionKind (int kind) throws GalapiException
void setRewritingPhase (boolean c) throws GalapiException
void setSbdoKind (int kind) throws GalapiException
void setSerializationKind (int kind) throws GalapiException
void setSerializeNsKind (int kind) throws GalapiException
void setTypingKind (int kind) throws GalapiException
void setTypingPhase (boolean t) throws GalapiException
void setXmlPisAndComments (boolean b) throws GalapiException
void setXmlWhitespace (boolean b) throws GalapiException
void setXQueryWhiteSpace (boolean b) throws GalapiException

Static Public Attributes

static final int PROJECTION_None = 0
static final int PROJECTION_Optimized = 2
static final int PROJECTION_Standard = 1
static final int SBDO_Adhoc = 2
static final int SBDO_DupTidy = 4
static final int SBDO_Preserve = 1
static final int SBDO_Remove = 0
static final int SBDO_Sloppy = 5
static final int SBDO_Tidy = 3
static final int SERIALIZE_Canonical = 2
static final int SERIALIZE_NS_Preserve = 1
static final int SERIALIZE_NS_Strip = 0
static final int SERIALIZE_WellFormed = 0
static final int SERIALIZE_XQuery = 1
static final int TYPING_None = 0
static final int TYPING_Strong = 2
static final int TYPING_Weak = 1

Protected Member Functions

void finalize () throws Throwable
int getNativeItem ()
native int nativeMonitorOfAllCalls (int pc)
native int nativeMonitorOfLastCall (int pc)
native void nativeSetEvaluationPhase (int pc, boolean b)
native void nativeSetMonitorMem (int pc, boolean b)
native void nativeSetMonitorTime (int pc, boolean b)
native void nativeSetNormalizationPhase (int pc, boolean b)
native void nativeSetProjectionKind (int pc, int kind)
native void nativeSetRewritingPhase (int pc, boolean b)
native void nativeSetSbdoKind (int pc, int kind)
native void nativeSetSerializationKind (int pc, int kind)
native void nativeSetSerializeNsKind (int pc, int kind)
native void nativeSetTypingKind (int pc, int kind)
native void nativeSetTypingPhase (int pc, boolean b)
native void nativeSetXmlPisAndComments (int pc, boolean b)
native void nativeSetXmlWhiteSpace (int pc, boolean b)
native void nativeSetXQueryWhiteSpace (int pc, boolean b)
 ProcessingContext (int native_item)
void setItem (int i)

Static Protected Member Functions

static native void nativeFree (int i)

Protected Attributes

int item

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