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 * @author Nicola Onose

import galapi.*;

public class Jungle

   Example 1 

   Build a query context from a file.
   Load a document.
   Add a global variable to query context, bound to the loaded document.
   Evaluate a query contained in a string.
   Serialize result to standard output

    static void scenario1 (ProcessingContext pc, CompiledProlog mc) throws GalapiException {

            CompiledModule    cm          = Galax.importMainModule(mc, Galax.NoExternalContextItem, Galax.File_Input, "jungle1.xq");
            ExternalContext   exc   = new ExternalContext();
            PreparedProlog          pp          = Galax.evalProlog(cm.getCompiledProlog(), exc);

            ItemList                      il          = cm.getCompiledStatements();
            while (!il.isEmpty()) {
                  Item        cs    = il.ItemsFirst();
                                    il    = il.ItemsNext();
                  ItemList    r     = Galax.evalCompiledStatement(pp, cs);

    }// scenario1()

    public static void main (String args[]) 
      throws GalapiException  {
      Galax.init ();

      ProcessingContext pc = Galax.defaultProcessingContext ();
      CompiledProlog       mc = Galax.loadStandardLibrary (pc);
      scenario1 (pc, mc);

    }// main()

}// class Example

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